Home Buyers’ Checklist

This home buyers’ checklist is offered to help you perform your contractual responsibilities and avoid common pitfalls as you proceed to a successful closing. Since each transaction is unique some of these items may not apply to your purchase.

  • Choose Title Company/Closing Agent – title insurance is not required for cash transactions.
  • Earnest Money Deposits – Deposits must be delivered by the due date. The escrow agent and funds delivery date are noted in the purchase contract/s. Once funds have cleared the escrow agent will forward a copy of the earnest money receipt to all relevant parties.
  • Homeowner’s or Condo Association application, interview and approval – Many associations request 30 days for approval so the earlier a buyer’s completed application is submitted the better. Arrange receipt of condominium by-laws if requested.
  • Select a Property Inspector/ Order Property Inspections – Areas of inspection: Roof, Insulation, Wood condition, Electrical, Plumbing, Appliances, Pool and Pool Equipment, Well Water and Water Softening Equipment, Septic System, Lighting/Fan fixtures and switches, Doors, Windows, Ceilings, General Construction, etc.
  • Wind Mitigation Inspection to help reduce your insurance costs – Inquire with the home inspector of your choice for cost.
  • 4-Point Inspection – Inquire with the home inspector of your choice for cost.
  • All steps in the financing application, underwriting, approval and closing process – Your loan officer can provide you with a checklist for the documents he or she needs to help you secure financing.
  • Appraisal – Is usually ordered by the lender. Not required for cash transactions.
  • Survey – Is usually ordered by the title company or lender.
  • Procuring Homeowner’s Insurance prior to closing – not required for cash transactions.
  • Loan approval – Your loan officer will notify relevant parties when he or she has received final approval. Not relevant for cash transactions.
  • Final Walk Through Pre-Closing Inspection – usually the day before or the day of closing.
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