Zillow or Pompano Beach Realtor®? Which Home Search Wins?

Zillow or Pompano Beach Realtor®? Which Home Search Wins?

Which Will Help You Find Your Perfect Home Faster?

Zillow or Your Neighborhood Pompano Beach Realtor®? To answer this question it’s essential that you know one basic fact. Zillow, as well as Redfin, Movoto, and others, are third party companies that display MLS data with a delay in the feed.

In other words, unless you are searching directly in the MLS, you are not accessing the most reliable and up to date listings.

I come across innocent buyers all the time that have experienced the harrows of this known data lag. You call or email me and say, “Amber, please set up a showing for me for this house as fast as you can!”

Reliable Data Saves Time And Keeps You Competitive

I look the property up in the MLS and the property is in contract, is in a neighborhood that is deed restricted to persons age 55 and over, or will only sell only to cash buyers. Unfortunately, Zillow and others also lack the easy display of certain important criteria that takes a perfect house for sale to a definite no-go in a minute flat.

It’s no fun to find an affordable townhouse for sale that you love and has the most gorgeous kitchen and huge back yard but as it turns out the maintenance dues are $950 a month and the taxes are $5200. Or maybe you’ve suffered the disappointment of finding that what Zillow’s algorithms labelled “Waterfront” was actually the shallow end of a tiny canal’s drainage area.

So Why Is Zillow So Good?

Zillow has a ton of great features such as in depth neighborhood data, mortgage calculators, large photos front and center, a truly gorgeous interface that showcase houses for sale and condos for sale in a very glossy and beautiful way.

The MLS is probably not as sparkling in terms of its user interface. But where it falls short of Zillow and Redfin, etc. is nothing compared to where Zillow and their competition loses in terms of making sure you are not wasting time looking at the wrong listings and spend your time (and gas) wisely and efficiently looking at fully qualified properties.

If you want to get the most accurate and up to date, comprehensive property information for houses and condos for sale in Pompano Beach, FL then you need to search directly in the MLS and work with an experienced and trustworthy Pompano Beach Realtor®.

Did You Know I Can Set Up A Custom MLS Search Just For You?

How do you like the idea of a custom search that only sends you fully qualified listings in your areas of interest at the moment they are first listed in the MLS? What this means is that you can be one of the first buyers to see your perfect home as it comes on the market and secure your contract faster.

Once you see the new property alerts in your inbox you can check out the house or condo in all its relevant and accurate glory and take action if you are interested.

Please click to call me at 954-947-7355 or email me at amber.dubruiel@gmail.com to set up a custom MLS homes search for you.

I know that buyers who are home searching like to spend time on Zillow searching houses and townhouses for sale because they are working toward a goal, looking around, getting information. The more information you have the better! So I don’t want to discourage you from spending time on these websites if you are getting enough out of it.

Zillow Sells Your Search Information To Real Estate Agents

The simple fact is that Zillow and its competitors are companies who earn profits. They earn these profits many ways but their bread and butter is agent and lender advertising.

Agents and lenders pay a great deal of money to be listed as an agent or a lender who can help you with a given property. Your search inquiries are sent to the agent and lender who is next in the round robin and you receive calls, many times hundreds of calls, over the next several months.

Working With A Realtor® Means More Qualified Homes, Less Calls From Strangers

If you don’t want to be inundated with calls from real estate agents and Realtors® (there is a difference!) once you submit a request for information then your best bet is to work closely with a Realtor® and set up a custom search.

I read the property information as it comes in along with you. This way we both know what is new on the market that matches your unique set of criteria and we can go see homes faster than your competition.

I hope this article helps you find your perfect South Florida home faster and easier. As always, if you or anyone you know need the services of a great Realtor®, please give me a call. It would really make my day!

Please click to call me at 954-947-7355 or email me at amber.dubruiel@gmail.com.



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